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Women can propose in a Leap Year - on February 29 (Image: The a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men for one day.
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Officially, she takes no view on Brexit at all.

In that regard she is, of all the citizens of this deeply divided country, just about the only one. Now, after two and a half years of argument, debate and defeats in Brussels, the shine has come off it. Brexit has become a terrible British family secret, that everyone wants to hush up. Topics Brexit.

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First, the end of the year was moved from February 28th to December 31st. A number of days were skipped to accomodate all the extra Leap Days that had occured since Caesar's time, and he creates a new calculation for Leap Day: three leap days are omitted every years. If the year is divisible by i. So was a Leap Year, but was not. My parents always told me that my birthday was one way that I was different than everyone else. And they were right! I had only ever met 2 other people in my life who shared the same birthday before I joined several Leap Year Day Baby Facebook groups in I totally want my next birthday to be EPIC!

When I finally came to grips with the idea that I could organize this cruise I started looking for any other types of events that were happening over the 29th of February A Leap Year Day Cruise sounded fantastic!

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There were several cruises to choose from- but making the cruise the most affordable for the most amount of people was my goal! Which is how I chose Carnival Sunrise Cruise. Your support and contributions will enable us to provide Cruise Scholarships to those Leap Day Babies who may not be able to afford it. Click here to donate through GoFundMe or click below to donate directly through Paypal.

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Book Event. An intro to the Organizer. View Event on Facebook. Embark pm Onboard Carnival Elation.

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Excursion- Nassau, Bahamas. All Day Onboard Carnival Elation. Leap Day Ball PM. Excursion- Freeport Bahamas am - pm.

Celebrate your next Leap Day Baby Birthday with US!

More Events. Price List as of 9. Elation Interior Cabin.

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Elation Ocean View Cabin. Elation Balcony Cabin.

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